Odds and Ends: August 6, 2021

Happy Friday! Some tips, ideas, and products really don’t merit an entire post of their own, so I’ll be sharing some tidbits under Odds and Ends. Here we go!

1) Rub a dryer sheet over your hair to remove the smoky smell from a fire without a full wash.

2) Binder clips make great, inexpensive chip clips and come in a variety of sizes.

3) Use salad dressing to marinate meat easily and much cheaper than a bottle branded as marinade. Italian dressing is a pretty all-purpose herb flavor.

4) Stop tethering yourself to an expensive, tiny phone charger, and get yourself a flexible, extra long charging cable like this one or this one.

5) Highly recommend Ted Lasso for a good laugh and a show that works for you and your partner (season 2 streaming weekly now). The only downside is it’s on Apple TV.

Image by Colin Hutton / Apple TV+ via NBC News

All images from the linked Amazon listing unless otherwise noted.

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