Easy Ways to Destress

Work it out, physically. I haven’t run regularly in several years, but this is still a good way for me to release stress. If you’re not into running, try any kind of exercise you like whether yoga or other vigorous cardio. You want it to be the right pace for you to get out of your own head and burn off some of the stress through movement. In a real pinch of serious frustration, you can even punch out your couch or bed.

Make something with your hands! Personally I like baking something complicated to literally get my hands dirty. There is something very distracting and calming to kneading dough or shaping out cookies. This doesn’t have to be difficult – you can start with kits or doughs. Some other ideas here are gardening (I have small patio container-only garden) or working with clay.

Clean. I’ll start cleaning sometimes instead of choosing a physical activity because vacumming and scrubbing down my house gets my blood pumping but also gives me some benefit of having a cleaner house afterward. I choose things that will have a successful outcome, like vaccuming up dog fur or scrubbing shower tile. You don’t want to choose a long put-off task in your house here that will only add to your frustration.

Talk it out. This can be a friend, family member, partner, or sometimes a stranger is easier to open up to (online or in person. You can also indicate if you just want to rant, want support, or want solutions to come out of that conversation feeling better.

Write it down. This is a great way to let it all out. I will literally write it out or type it out on my phone (just be careful not to send it anywhere if it’s sensitive). I don’t actually do anything with this afterward but it feels very freeing to get those thoughts out instead of letting them swirl around my head.

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