Other Uses for Dryer Sheets

Get smoky smells out of your hair.

I’ve mentioned this before, but you can use dryer sheets to get smoky smells out of your hair after spending time by a fire without needing to wash your hair. I’ve experimented with a lot of dry shampoos, baby powder, and more without success. I have trouble sleeping with smoky scented hair, but also hate washing it before bed because I have thick hair that takes a while to dry. But a dryer sheet works really well and is easy to pack for trips as well!

Ward off bees and other bugs.

The strong scent of dryer sheets deters a lot of bees. Bees frequently come by our deck and are especially attracted to some of my plants. In order to keep them away from myself and the dogs, I bring a dryer sheet outside to ward them off. I will either clip it to the railing or weight it down. Note in the heat they tend to leave a little oily residue, so be mindful of where you put the sheet or lay it on a napkin.

Use for cleaning.

Dryer sheets are useful to wipe down areas in your house that need a little cleaning and a lint/fur scrub as well. Think your baseboards, cabinets, or window blinds. Just swipe them over to pick up all the dirt and grime quickly! Test a small area first to ensure this does not discolor or leave white marks on flat paint or older materials.

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